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goldyip Memorabilia


In 1996, the company predecessor, Dongguan Houjie Jinye electronics factory was established.

In 1997, the Golden Leaf products won the China Consumer Protection Foundation awarded the "consumer trust products" gold medal.

In 1998, won the "China Household Appliances Fair" Gold Award, the product was identified as the Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council recommended products.

1998 China's electrical products to obtain the Great Wall certification, China's national import and export enterprises such as certification and international and domestic certification.

In 1999, Jinye Electric changed its name to Jinye electrical appliances.


In 2000, the electrical industry through the ISO9002 quality system certification.

November 2001, the establishment of the Dongguan City, the Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the Group (Hong Kong) Limited.

2002 in Dongguan Liaobu town established an area of about 80,000 square meters of the gold industry science and technology park.

April 2003, the establishment of the gold industry (Yongding) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

In 2004, was elected as "Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Protection Association vice president" unit.

2005 Jin Electronics was rated as "high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province."


September 2006 gold products were named "national consumer market focus on promoting the brand."

November 2006 Jin Electronics by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified as "private technology enterprises."

January 2007 gold industry by Dongguan City Federation of Industry and Commerce as "a harmonious member of the enterprise."

February 2007 gold industry by the Dongguan Municipal People's Government as "50 strong private enterprises in Dongguan City."

September 2009 Jin Electronics won the Liaobu town of science and technology innovation brand-name products, exhibitors funded project funding award.

May 2009 Gold Electronics approved the "Dongguan City Quality Association members."


October 2010 Golden Electronics won the GMC Global Tour • Expo "GMC audiovisual industry excellent recommended enterprise".

At the end of 2010 Jin Electronics by the Dongguan Municipal People's Government as "50 strong private enterprises in Dongguan City."

January 2011 Golden Electronics won the Liaobu town "outstanding contribution award".

October 2011 gold industry electronic "Guangdong Province private technology enterprises that certificate."

November 2011 Jin Electronics was rated as "national high-tech enterprises."

2012 Jin Electronics by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission five ministries identified as "Enterprise Technology Center."

September 2012 Golden Electronics by the China Quality Certification Center as "certified outstanding enterprises."

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