11.11 electricity business war: Taobao lunt cat wild 19.1 billion yuan
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11.11 electricity business war follow-up


This two days by Taobao, Lynx [microblogging] launched a double eleven online shopping war, attracting many consumers, in the previous two days of the program we are continuing to be concerned about. After 24 hours of intense business war, Taobao's Alipay [microblogging] sales total reached 19.1 billion yuan, more than 3 times last year, this data is far beyond last year's largest online shopping festival in the United States, "Network Monday" 7.8 billion yuan of transactions.


Online shopping power is indeed shocking, 19.1 billion yuan for many consumers, there may be no concept, here we also give you an analogy, the transaction amount of 1 billion yuan is equivalent to more than 400 million Internet users in China this average Carnival consumption of 2 yuan, 5 billion yuan, equivalent to 11 this year, gold (week) 395 major retailers 6 days of total sales, turnover of 10 billion yuan equivalent to "shopping Heaven "Hong Kong 12 days of retail sales.


In fact, the completion of the shopping, can only be regarded as the first step in online shopping, business war is over, the next step is to start the logistics war, the domestic express delivery industry can support the amount of transactions this day it, the 19.1 billion yuan of goods By what way? Immediately see the reporter today in Taobao and Lynx headquarters in Hangzhou survey.


In the afternoon, the reporter came to Hangzhou Xisha high-tech development zone in a third-party warehouse distribution company, more than 40 days of the cat and Taobao shop warehouse by the company management, sorting and delivery of the process are also here get on. Reporters saw thousands of square meters of large warehouse filled with packaged package, the original printed company logo wall was stacked three meters high cargo box block strict;


Zhejiang Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Luo Gu told reporters, usually we probably is a few thousand single, to this day, the day we received 250,000 single, and then to today, nearly 300,000 single.


Luo said the 300,000 orders, may be the type of each single goods there are 7,8 or more, if the number of items in accordance with a single calculation, the total number of packaging is more than 1.5 million. In the goods packaging workshop, the reporter saw a crowded scene, at the scene only to hear the tape when the tape issued a "Zizi" sound. Hundreds of packers are in the process of classification, because the front filled with too many objects, the staff have no leisure time to pause, usually only need to wrap 800 packages a day, now at least more than 3,000 packages.


The packaging staff said, very busy, probably about three or four thousand bar as usual seven or eight hundred, and these days is very hard, and then three or four thousand


Zhejiang Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Luo Gu told reporters, in order to double eleven, we put our system, and our site of these lines re-transformation again, we spent nearly three million, and then our staff, We usually only five or six people, two eleven days, our people have a thousand people. Three shifts, three or four hundred people every day.


Luo told reporters that these sorting staff are from the nearby school temporary recruitment over, coincides with this year's 21 is a weekend holiday, these workers are willing to come, as of now they have issued nearly 100,000 days cat Double eleven express parcel. In the days of the cat's logistics platform, the reporter saw that as of yesterday there have been 25 million parcels into the shipped state, more than last year's two-day cat produced all the amount of parcels. In addition, Lynx also launched a "logistics early warning radar" system, real-time detection of express line capacity and distribution situation.


Day cat logistics business unit general manager Gong Tao told reporters that there have been 29% of the package into the shipped state. At the same time we can also see the whole of the entire two parcels during the handling of the main three states: one is the business to complete the package and out of the library, the second is the package into the courier company's system, the third is the consumer has Received the package, we will go to the progress of the rhythm of the entire logistics of these three states.


11.11 electricity business war follow-up


Online shopping war smoke is not scattered courier war national opening


A large number of parcels packaged by the seller after the end, but also through the last step to deliver to the hands of consumers, some courier companies naturally think of the way to recruit people, the reporter learned that the two days, courier became the most Popular career.


Reporters in the go network [microblogging], Zhaopin recruitment and other recruitment sites to see, Yuantong [microblogging], rhyme, Huitong, every day courier companies are in the recruitment of courier, and out of a good treatment conditions. Such as Huitong Express Hangzhou, a business need to recruit five courier, wages 3000-5000 yuan, a need to recruit 10 courier staff, including paid leave, package to eat two conditions. In addition to recruit people, courier companies are also upgrading the logistics hardware configuration. The courier companies are also actively expanding to the expansion of the construction site, add vehicles and related processing equipment.


Zhongtong Express Hangzhou company vice president Xu Genmiao said that most of us is to do human and material resources to do a full preparation, this manpower we can probably be added to about 30%, the number of new we just sort this one is a Hundreds of people.


Even if the increase in manpower, double after the busy bus company is also difficult to imagine the person in charge. In Guangzhou, the road of this express sub-station, starting from last night, the number of express mail has increased, is three times the same period on weekdays. And today early in the morning, the express has been piled into two meters high hill, the station staff told reporters that many courier clerks have worked overtime last night to three or four points.


Express salesman said that more than four in the morning to go. Come back at eight o'clock in the morning.


Express salesman Li Junmei told reporters from the "double eleven" to the next week, we should cancel the rest, the normal time to wait for the rest and then rest.


Reporters on the scene to see, due to the rapid increase in express mail, some of the courier should be served on the 10th, still remain in the warehouse today.


A citizen said, slow, usually one or two days on the delivery. Buy more people, concentrated in a period of time, you can understand.


In Jiangxi Ji'an Yuantong courier cargo sorting center, early in the morning to stop the delivery of the delivery of vehicles, the center piled up more than 2,000 pieces of goods, the company responsible person told reporters, only yesterday, one day, they send and receive the amount of shipment On the rise of about 100 percent, and each poster at least two hours to increase the working hours to deal with. The online shopping hot, has made this small city courier company stretched.


Ji'an Yuantong company responsible person


Duan Yun said, usually we can not go in accordance with the Singles during the human, material, vehicle to configure, otherwise we idle in the low cost is very high. So we can only take a temporary bus in the temporary, or temporarily add a lot of operators to deal with this scene.


11.11 electricity business war follow-up


News close-up: courier day


Courier in the end how hard? In the end how much pressure? How much this is also reflected from the side of our logistics industry is facing the stretched, today our journalists are also in Shanghai to a courier with the beat.


Master Yang is a Shanghai Shun Feng [microblogging] courier company's dispatcher, the reporter saw him when he is going to the electric car loading express, before and after the two baskets plus a large backpack, the single to send a total of 36 Pieces.


He said, as usual how many cars a few pieces of hair ah? One day, morning about 40 votes in the morning it There are small pieces in the package inside, the file seal Well, the documents are all inside the seal, because the small pieces which about 20 votes, which is about bundled 1,20 votes, about 3,40 votes, and some on the buns inside of. Tomorrow heard the company's warehouse has been explosive warehouse it, from the beginning of this afternoon more busy.


Master Yang said that the two eleven just ended, many pieces have not been sent to the sorting point, so these two days is not busy, and the next week may have to work overtime, when his workload will be greatly increase.


He said that tomorrow may be added to the basket, because the pieces of Well, certainly add a basket, do not put the basket no less than the number of how much ah probably? Probably put at least 30 votes it.


To the lunch time, Yang master finished the twelfth after the door, in a cell door bun shop stopped, bought two warm buns as the day of lunch. He said that when the general lunch is not the general lunch will sit down and eat lunch, to the holidays can only buy a buns first pad a pad, save time.


Master Yang said, usually so eat ah? No, busy time, this is a double eleven Well, busy time to eat, if usually not busy Well, eat to the fast food shop, today more busy.


Although the delivery of each single shipment is not long, but because of the number of branches and more scattered, so a very hard all day down. To four o'clock in the afternoon, Yang master sent a car's courier back to the sorting point, the reporter found noon to buy buns still in the electric car basket, asked overtime is not particularly hard, Yang master eating Has been cool buns said, overtime can be exchanged for a lot of overtime, quite satisfied.


Master Yang said that the two days than the previous two days how much more wages? Many, much more. How much is it? This, more than a few hundred dollars it


11.11 electricity business war follow-up


Ma Yun [microblogging]: electric business and traditional retail marketing war has been fully open


In fact, the impact of electricity business war is not just the express industry, the traditional department store industry is directly affected by the impact. A really not what the festival of the "double eleven" why can produce such a high online retail transactions? Behind the huge deal, the domestic retail market is facing short-term overdraft, the traditional retail industry has come to the end? Our reporter also interviewed Alibaba [microblogging] chairman Ma Yun, together to listen to his views.


Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO


Ma: This is a signal of China's economic transformation, is the new economy, the new marketing model of the war on the traditional marketing model of war, so that all manufacturers know that today the form has changed. And we compete with other electric business that is not fair, they have not the ability to compete with us, and the face of traditional industries, the war may have started.


$ 19.1 billion in single-day sales, up 267% year-on-year growth so that Ma's win over the online sales war is full of confidence. So, in the end what factors have contributed to the explosive growth of electricity providers, the reporter also interviewed in the United States for many years to study commercial retail and marketing Professor Chen Yu Xin. Professor Chen told reporters, in addition to low-cost promotions, years of market accumulation and full commercial speculation is also an important factor.


Northwestern University Logite Business School marketing professor Chen Yu new that the media as this year is very popular publicity, many people know that the two is a good time to shop. The The The second is between the electricity business, because it was originally Taobao first start now other electricity business like Jingdong what to join in. Then from the price, the competition, a variety of promotional methods that will be more and more renovation, then (full) competition will expand the capacity of the entire electric business.



With the low cost, convenience and massive variety of online consumption so that more and more people are beginning to prefer online shopping. Double the huge turnover is only a new type of online retail industry gradually eroded the old retail format of an extreme performance. Then the store retail has come to the end, where is the chance of survival?


"I think the traditional business is facing change, and the opportunity for this change is not with the e-commerce is a relationship between you die and live, is actually a fusion of the relationship between the traditional business to change the core Point is that he wants from a simple channel, a channel to get into the difference, into a consumer point of contact in the above can provide more diversified service value.


Chen Yu-xin said: "The traditional retail model can not completely disappear ... consumption is not just for consumption.He also has a lot of leisure and entertainment to enjoy this function ... traditional retailers may be through this entertaining way to attract everyone In the past, and then there is that we can carry out some consumption, but sometimes it is said that in that to see some experience, the final order may still be online orders, but this time we have some of the possible ah, and so on. "


Expert analysis also pointed out that the double one of the huge retail deal is likely to be a certain period of time overdraft the purchasing power of the domestic retail market, the late arrival of the Christmas, Spring Festival and other traditional retail season to bring some impact.