Golden Electronics was founded in 1996

Jin Electronics is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta, founded in 1996, the main electronic products are: CD / MP3 / DVD / Bluetooth players / amplifiers / teaching products / digital peripheral products.

Gold products in 1997, won the "consumer trust products" gold medal; 1998, won the "China Household Appliances Fair" Gold Award;

In 2000 the international quality system ISO9001 certification, China's national import and export enterprises certification and other domestic and international certification; 2003 gold products through China's national compulsory product certification (ie 3C certification),

April 2006, by the end of 2010 by the Dongguan Municipal People's Government as "top 50 private enterprises in Dongguan City", in November 2011 was identified as "national high-tech enterprises,

2012 Jin Electronics by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission five ministries identified as "Enterprise Technology Center", in September 2012 by the China Quality Certification Center as "certified outstanding enterprises" and so on.

    The gold industry park covers an area of about 80,000 square meters, with 100,000 square meters of world-class high standard factory buildings, 60,000 square meters of spacious staff quarters, high standards of culture and sports facilities, garden-style leisure and entertainment,

With the international leading BONDING, SMT, AI equipment and advanced CNC CNC machining center, and has dozens of automatic Water production line.

Resource seeking digital electronic wisdom to make a big pattern
Gold products with the company's size and strength of the growth, famous all over the world, China's major north-south, especially in recent years, its sales and brand awareness has been ranked in the forefront of the industry.
And the United States Wal-Mart established a long-term supply agreement, and with many internationally renowned brands "SAMSUNG Samsung", "LG", "SONY Sony", "TOSHBA Toshiba", "SANYO Sanyo", "SANSUI landscape"
Foreign markets have been very good development and expansion of gold products throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and other continents and regions.
Based on international layout overseas

     New century, new starting point. Jinye Electronics jointly shoulder the burden of China's rise to the development of national industry as any, to create an internationally renowned brand as the goal, continue to explore the road of scientific and technological development,

Science and technology as the guide, adhere to the multi-species, high-quality, stable development strategy, and strive to complete from China to China to create the transformation, and continue to strengthen cooperation with international well-known enterprises, the electronics industry reputation is good, good quality of high-quality business representatives.

Brand mission
Enhance the quality of human life
Focus on the use of leading technology, the concept of sustainable development to research and development, production of various typesDigital electronics production,
And to promote the human lifestyle to health, intelligence, quality of the evolution and change for the world 6 billion people bring joy, high-quality digitalelectroniclife。
Brand Positioning
                        To create quality first, people-oriented,
Technology to create value of digital electronic brand.
core value
                                       To create value with innovation,
to win the trust of customers and services to win respect.